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    > ADTO News > What other advantages can you get from the ringlock scaffolding

    Major Advantages of Plastic Formwork



    1) Smooth surface, high strength, saving labor, and material cost, can meet the requirements of fair-faced concrete formwork. After demolding, there is no need to clean the formwork surface, thus saving labor forces. The flatness of the formwork can be controlled within 0.3mm. The thickness of the formwork can be even and controlled with the tolerance of 0.3mm, saving 2/3 of the nails compared with the plywood formwork.


    2) Good water resistance, strong toughness, long-term immersion without stratification. The water absorption expansion rate is less than 0.06%. Can be used normally within the temperature range of -30℃ to +60℃.The aging rate of plastic formwork is 15% after 6 years of use. Being used normally, the service life of plastic formwork will last for more than 8 years.


    formwork in the construction site


    3) Stronger plasticity. According to the design and component size requirements, the processing of different shapes and different specifications of the plastic formwork has to be possible. And the production of formwork with radian component is being simple. The plastic formwork can drill nails, saws, planers. It has the same machinability as plywood formwork. It is easy and simple to install on the site.


    4) It can be recycled and reused. When plastic formwork has been used to a certain extent, it can be fully recycled. After special treatment, it can be reproduced a new template.



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