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    As a leading scaffloding manufacturer, ADTO Mall concentrate on producing high quality scaffolding tubes since tubular scaffolding is a core part of our business. Galvanized tubes has long been one of the most used access materials in the world. Scaffold Tubes provided by ADTO Mall are galvanized to reduce rust and corrosion for a longer product life. Scaffolding pipe is specified for all Load Bearing Scaffolding structures where personnelare involved. ADTO Mall also offer Aluminium Alloy Scaffolding Tube in 48.3mm O/D in various lengths including 6m, 3m, 2m, 1.5m & 1.0m.


    Specification of Scaffold Tubes:


    Size: 0.3m to 6.3m length
    Weight: Φ48.3*4mm -Per unit 4.37kg/2.937lbs, Φ48.3*3.2mm -Per unit 3.56kg/2.392lbs
    Quality standard: EN39/BS1139/AS1163
    Finishing: Hot Dipped Galvanized Pipe or Black Finish available
    Zinc content: Standard: ≥40 Micron
    End finish: Plain End or Painted available
    Pack sizes: 37pcs or 61pcs /per bundle
    Other grade: JISG3444 STK 500 (Φ48.6 x 2.4 thk)
    Finishing: Hot Dipped or Pre Galvanized pipe


    Features of Scaffold Tubes:


    1. Product tested and in compliance to BS 1139/EN39/AS1163.
    2. All tubes come supplied with Full Inspection /Certification & Mill Cert.
    3. Scaffold Tubes are compatible with all types of couplers and fittings and other scaffolding accessories.
    4. All scaffolding pipes are loaded in bundles, three steel straps on each end of the bundle,& 2 straps in the middle. 2 white belts at the each end for loading and unloading purpose
    5. Product Licence no & Sirim Standard marking.

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